Bega’s distance running squad

THE Bega Runners’ distance running squad has been steadily building up numbers, and fitness during the past two months in preparation for school cross-country events.
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The main group (ages ten to nineteen), who train together on Thursdays, has now grown to eleven, which is fairly typical for this time of year, and this number grows on Saturday mornings when some younger children and adults join in the squad’s activities.

Some of the local schools have already held their cross-country races and already Bega Runners athletes have finished first (Rita Bonetti, Dylan Curtis, Chris Silverwood, Bart McPherson) and fourth (Sally-May Ruggiero) in there respective school events.

On the first Thursday of each month the main squad usually hold a 3000metre run on the Bega Athletics Field track.

April’s run was reduced to 2000metres due to school cross-country events on at the time. Runners have an opportunity to attempt to predict their finishing time with the closest taking home a voucher from Bega Sportscene to help pay for the next pair of running shoes. These races are also run under a handicap system.

April’s 2km race handicap winner was Rebecca Winterflood and the Bega Sportscene prize winner was Chris Silverwood.

Runners were filmed on the day and these tapes are now being used as a training tool.

Also, on the second and fourth Saturdays of the month cross-country races are being held at 10a.m. at Bega Athletics Field.

These runs and the training sessions on the first and third Saturdays are open to any person, young or old, who would like to run with a group with a common interest in running middle and long distance events.

Results of Round One (14/4/01) of Bega Runners Cross-Country Races for Winter 2001 were: 2km: 1st- Simmi lockhart 11:09; 2nd- Donna Ruggiero 13:12; 3rd- Sally-May Ruggiero 14:43 3km: 1st-Warren Jones 13:18: 2nd-O From: “geoff lockhart”

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Subject: Bega Runners News

Date: Tuesday, 24 April 2001 21:36

livia Silverwood 15:17 4km: 1st-Chris Silverwood 17:21; 2nd-Geoff Lockhart 17:48; 3rd-Rita Bonetti 20:27.

The Bega Runners had a run together at coach Geoff Lockhart’s property at Bournda recently. Most of the main squad ran on the day, along with other family members and some friends.

Results from Bournda Run on 23rd April were: 2km; 1st-Lauren Winterflood 10:54; 2nd-Rebecca Winterflood 11:10; 3rd-Simmi Lockhart 11:45; 4th-Sally-May Ruggiero 13:42. 3km; 1st- Bart McPherson 15:25; 2nd- Warren Jones 15:28; 3rd- Karen Clarke 16:35; 4th- Dylan Curtis 16:49. 4km; 1st- Rita Bonetti 22:08.

The Bega Runners are coached by Geoff Lockhart, and Geoff can be contacted on 64944402 or 0414886185, or emailed at [email protected]

It is definitely not too late to join the squad. The main squad train on Thursdays at 4p.m. at Bega Athletics Field for school students ten years of age or older. The coaching fee to train with this main squad is $5-00 per month. The Saturday sessions are open to anyone and there is no fee for those under ten or over twenty years of age. Runners may attend both sessions for the $5-00 per month fee.

The success of young distance runners in this region is largely based with the Bega Runners because being a tough sport the advantages of training in a squad environment are huge.

Geoff would also love to see some of the more serious adult runners come down to the Saturday sessions, especially the races, because it benefits all runners to compete on a regular basis, something that has been lacking in this region for many years.

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Vardon says he’ll call it a day in 2003

EUROBODLLA Mayor Chris Vardon has announced his intention not to stand for Council in the 2003 elections but says he will stand for a 14th term as Mayor in September this year.
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“Come the 2003 general Council elections, I will not be standing but I do wish to stand for Mayor again in September,” Cr Vardon said yesterday. He added that he was considering a move to State politics sometime in the future.

“As far as Council is concerned, I think it’s fair that some other people be given a go,” he said.

“I also feel that you work a 70 to 80 hour week as Mayor and it’s time I gave my wife and family some of my time.

“And I think it’s probably a good thing after 17 years that one should move on. There are other duties in which I could be of use to the community. I haven’t ruled out a move to State politics.”

Last year, Cr Vardon made an unsuccessful bid for Liberal Party pre-selection to an Upper House seat in State Parliament.

Before leaving Council Cr Vardon said there were a few projects ‘close to his heart’ he would like to see finished or consolidated, including the Narooma Library, improved sewerage and water schemes and plans for the beautification of the three major towns in the Shire.

“I’m proud that in the last 12 years we’ve made a difference to the way the Shire looks and that our reputation as a Shire in State and Local Government circles is now high – it wasn’t always that way.

“Despite our internal critics, we are definitely seen as a leader.”

Cr Vardon finishes up as President of the Shire’s Association in two weeks and said his time in the position had benefited the Eurobodalla Shire.

This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

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