House of the Week: Terrigal | photos TweetFacebook House of the Week | Terrigal | PhotosNatural materials and open spaces give this lakeside home timeless appeal. Pictures: Coastal Construction and BuildingHaving a home on the water is a dream for many, but sometimes even those lucky enough to find a lakeside property on the market discover it’s still not quite their ideal home.

When Troy and his wife Amanda found a property for sale beside Terrigal Lagoon – a spot that they regularly visit – they loved the location.

The downside was that the cottage was too small to be a comfortable living space for them and their two young children.

Taking advantage of the location, they built a larger home closer to the water and refurbished the original dwelling for good measure.

Coastal Construction and Building, based on the Central Coast, were pivotal in transformingthe existing building, changing its look entirely and making passers-by wonder if it was a completely new build.

The family lived in the smaller home while it was being refurbished, and while their future home was being built. Nowthey’ve movedto the larger house.

All up, the work took about 12 months to complete.

While the original building is 100 metres from the water, the new home is about 40 metres from the lake.

The bigger property makes it better suited for family life: it has five bedrooms, a study and three bathrooms (including an ensuite with a sauna). Theproperty has space for seven cars.

One of the key specifications for the home was that it had to have an inviting feel for visitors. A large indoor dining area is matched by a similar outdoor space, where the family spends most of their time in the summer.

A butler’s pantry behind the kitchen helps keep the open-plan area tidy when guests are over, while the Sonos music system that’s set up throughout the house has proved invaluable.

Over winter, a gas fire keeps the home cosy and the cinema room is used more frequently.

“We had a big Australia Day party earlier in the year,” Troy said.

“It was great to have a party that big, and that everyone could come over and use the space. They said the house was amazing without being pretentious, it’s just a nice home.”

A big part of this is down to the design created by Andrew Moseley of Suburban Projects. His brief was to use the location to make a functional space that included a deck for outdoor entertaining – something that he managed to do perfectly.

Other professionals were brought in to help sculpt the dream home: Rolling Stone Landscapes took care of much of the outdoor area, including adding a pool, while Coastal Construction looked afterthe exterior. As it is the first home Troy and Amanda have built, they felt it was important to get the right people to help.

The couple chipped in too. Troy helped with manual tasks in the early stages, while Amanda added her touches to the interior later. The couple’s children, aged four and five, were too young to have any real input on the plans, but they were a major consideration in the design.

“They’re pretty adventurous, so we had to make sure the house was kid-friendly as well, as they’ve got a lot of growing up to do,”Troy said.

“We had to make sure the materials we chose would stand the test of time as they’d be getting knocks and bumps and scratches. We wanted materials that were pretty hardy and good quality. The timber floors are made from 100-year-old recycled blackbutt, which is basically indestructible. You could have a party with nine-inch stilettos and it wouldn’t put a mark on them, they’re that hard.”

The flooring, made from old railway sleepers, is one of the highlights of the project for Troy. And although the home has some special features, such as its sauna (which Troy says is “a luxury item but totally worth it”), he is most proud of the use of natural materials throughout the home.

As well as the wooden floorboards, the house has timber wall linings, copper is used in the ceilings, there are stone tiles in the bathroom and a limestone entry way.

Troy didn’t want to chase a modern trend that would look dated in a few years, sothe natural materials and open spaces have giventhe home timeless appeal.

Inspiration came from the Hamptons, the home’snatural surroundings and life at the beach.

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