The Wolston Correctional Centre got one star. Photo: Greg HendersonSentence more interesting offenders, give prisoners better food and don’t wake them up so early or order them around as much.

This is some of the sterling advice dished out to Queensland’s justice system in the highest court of all, Google reviews.

There’s something about reviewing a place that you are legally forced to attend that seems particularly futile. Having said that, some of them are really funny.

So in the interests of informing Queensland’s more poorly behaved citizens, Fairfax Media can reveal some of the best reviews of the state’s police stations, courthouses and jails.

CourtsBrisbane Magistrates Court:Nice court. Fair sentencing, it would be bennificial (sic) if there was a little more drama during sentencing and that they sentenced more interesting offenders however a nice experience overall. 8/10.Four stars.

Exciting stuff can be seen here. Cases done in no particular order it seems. May have to wait a while if you don’t have a lawyer.Three stars.

Supreme and District Courts Brisbane:Facilities are nice. Coffee is terrible. More modern than the Magistrates Court.Four stars.

This court is so good omg its (sic) amazing yeah baby 5 stars its (sic) lit.Five stars.

Magistrate Courthouses, Maroochydore:Nabbed or fined? This is the place to go.Five stars.

Cairns Magistrates Court:Free valet parking for people on ice. Bulk discounts offered for those who commit multiple burglaries. White people are treated on a first come first served basis. Black people are guilty before proven innocent. Judge shopping is preferred. Your entire case is based on how badly the person before you screwed up.One star.

JailsArthur Gorrie Correctional Centre:Wake up call at 5 am. Breakfast was second rate. No choice of activities and the staff were very rude, ordering me around. The front desk refused to send up room service and no wine was served with dinner. I will not be recommending this hotel at all.One star.

Lack of good looking woman. (sic)One star.

Wolston Correctional Centre:This is the worse place ever! They locked me up and refused to let me out! That my friends is total bullshit!One star.

Woodford Correctional Centre:Pretty small jailcells, (sic) food was ok and lunch times need to be a bit longer but overall it’s an ok jail.Two stars.

Lotus Glen Correctional Centre:Fantastic accomodation, (sic) amazing scenery. To be honest the only let downs (sic) was the food as well as the lack of freedom and activities but otherwise I would highly recommend Lotus Glen Correctional Centre for your next stay on the tablelands.Four stars.

Police stationsIpswich Police Station:Cool Place To Meet !!Five stars.

Toowoomba Police Station:Just another police department.Three stars.

Fortitude Valley Police Station:Requested finger printing at the city police station and got turned away by the horrible counter staff there. Came here and served by Susan, she’s fantastic! Very friendly and helpful, providing us detailed information to ensure we did correctly. I am gonna compliment her formally. Susan deserves an award! :)Five stars.

It is still just a red brick police station at the end of the day.Three stars.

Indooroopilly Police Station:Got a 500 dollar fine and lost my last 3 points which made me loose (sic)my license (sic) for taking a left turn between 7 and 9 when your (sic) not allowed to at that time and then apparently being to (sic) close to the car infront(sic) of me then 2 months later driving the same route with my mate Iwatched a marked cop car with no lights on do the same turn and as we where (sic) following at 60 he had to be going 70 because he lost us,

5 starsmeans they get a 5 outa(sic)5 for being scum dogs

Bad service and there was a hair in my food.One star.

Acacia Ridge Police Station:Nice building. Situated in a good location.Five stars.