Spider-Man and Iron Man come to the rescue at Hamilton newsagency | PHOTOS, VIDEO, POLL Spider-Man and Iron Man raised money at the Beaumont Street newsagency.

Spider-Man and Iron Man at Heroes and More Wallsend.

Suit Up: Fans get in costume for the premiere of Spider-Man: Homecoming in Seoul.

Director Jon Watts, Jacob Batalon and Tom Holland attend the Spider-Man: Homecoming premiere in Seoul.

Spider-Man star Tom Holland.

TweetFacebook“Wealmost raisedback what was stolen,” Simon said.

Simon said a Newcastle business “could help out and maybe contribute a donation and have these two superheroes drop by their business during the week for some super pics for a great cause”.

Running a superhero business seems to have given Simon the superhero spirit. As Spider-Man himself once said: “With great power comes great responsibility”.

Spidy Gets EmotionalThe actor who plays Spider-Man, Tom Holland,tracked initialreactions to the film on social media, getting emotional at the positive feedback.

Tom Holland.

“I have been on Twitter and it’s been blowing my mind. I woke up this morning and nearly cried. I genuinely nearly had tears falling down my face,” he said.

The Dark SideTopics published a picture on Saturday of a Darth Vader mask attached to a Central Coast Council truck.

Darth Vader doesn’t actually have yellow eyes. Topics has that on good authority.

We were a bit confused with the yellow eyes, though.Shouldn’t Vader have red eyes, we wondered.

Glen Fredericks, owner of Empire Coffee Co at Honeysuckle and a Star Wars devotee, was at the ready with the answer.

“The lenses of his helmet are tinted black.”

Glen then proceeded to give us a “few random Darth Vader bits of trivia”.

Here they are:James Earl Jones and David Prowse, who play the voice and body of Darth Vader respectively, have never met;When Vader crushes the neck of Captain Antilles, the actual sound you hear is of walnut shells being crushed; Whileit seems like Vader isthe movie’s antagonist, he only has a screen time of 12 minutes.

This is why we like Glen. He understands Topics. We’reall about random bits of trivia.

Fluoride in the WaterConspiracy theories have been floating around for years about fluoride in our water supply.

NSW Shadow Health Minister Walt Secord has sent out a press release that shoots down the claims.

Walt said a federal report into water fluoridation had totally rejected“the lies spread by the anti-fluoride activists in regional NSW”.

Topics isn’t sure whether there areanti-fluoride activists in the Hunter, but Walt called outthose on the North Coast and in Bega down south.

He said thereportfound that water fluoridation at current Australian levels reduces the occurrence and severity of tooth decay and wasnot associated with cognitive dysfunction, lowered IQ, cancer, hip fracture and Down syndrome.

It also found “no reliable evidence of an association between water fluoridation at current Australian levels and chronic kidney disease, kidney stones, heart disease and high blood pressure, low birth weight, mortality, certain muscle and skeletal effects andthyroid function”.