It seems mounting ‘Laurence the peacock’ on a bedroom wall is a winning idea inHouse Rules.

Kate and Harry scored a perfect 30 out of 30 for their renovation of Sydney’s Bezzina House apartment in neoclassical design, which included having to use taxidermy.

“I cannot believe that Laurence [Llewelyn-Bowen] askedyou to usetaxidermy.I felt like you took that rule and absolutely smashed it.Itwas amazing,” judge WendyMooregloated.

“I walked into that space so nervous,” said LLB, who assigned Kate and Harry their rules. “And I was blown away.

“Absolutely blown away by the fact that you hadn’t just got it right, you’ve done something that was totally, totally you two.

“If you’d just absorbed the rules and just regurgitated the rules without thinking about them it could have been sosoulless.”

LLB’s evil genius plan for taxidermy payed off for Kate and Harry on House Rules. Photo: Seven

Wendy said she felt the stress melt away with their “elegant” colourscheme, even hard-scoring judge Drew Heath found the bedroom “fun, playful and intelligent”.

“Now I don’t want this style of work to catch on in Australia but I have to give you a nine,” said Drew.

As to the choice of taxidermy, LLB saw the humour in what they picked.

“Now I was more than happy to accept a discreet little glass dome in the corner with some pretty little bird of paradise, you gave me an entire peacock,” said an animated LLB.”So I walked into that bedroom and I was face-to-face with myself stuck on a wall.”

Kate and Harry’s bedroom mounted ‘Laurence the peacock’ on the wall. Photo: Seven

The studio and host Joh Griggs almost lost it laughing at LLB’s comments.

“It was a masterstroke, absolute masterstroke,” LLB continued. “It was genius because right at the outset I had always hoped that being part of this competition would provide me with things that professionals would never do, and you have broken so many rules to make the most perfect rules, culminating with what you did in the bathroom… you two have brought a freshness and creativity to what you have done in this challenge that I amabsolutely in awe of.”

“That stuffed dead bird has really paid off,” said a delighted Kate.

Drew thought they did even better in the common room, with their “plush” fittings. Wendy got emotional.

“You are going places where angels fear to tread and as a result you’re making some incredibly creative, very inspiring interiors,” said LLB of his “proteges”.

“Thank you very much for sharing them with me.”

Kate, who thought LLB’s rules were her worst nightmareand hadconstants fights with Harry about their design choices, had the last laugh. “Laurence’s rules were a huge risk and it looks like they might have paid off.”

Wendy went one better than Drew with a 10 and LLB “of course” gave them a 10. So with their bonus point for their statement piece they scored 30 out of 30.

“You are such a success story as far as I’m concerned,” said LLB.

“That means you two have secured your place in the grand final,” said Griggs.

Even formerpatient Judd, from Canberra, who was diagnosed with cancer 15 years ago, enjoyed viewing the couple’s apartment: “How good is this?”

He had 18 operations and 30 weeks of chemotherapy at the nearby hospital.

“Family and friends spend 150 nights here [at Bezzina House],” he said.

But Bezzina House manager Denise did look startled at the peacock, with Judd’s daughter going “there’s a bird in the bedroom?” to good-humoured mirth from her parents.

“It’s definitely a home away from home, so elegant,” said Denise. “That’s what our patients deserve.”

“So rewarding to have those patients actually come through and really appreciate the hard work we’ve done,” said a pleased Harry.

It was much the same for Aaron and Daniella’s’art deco’ apartment assigned by Wendy, and Jono and Andrew’s ‘modern’ apartment from Drew.

The Black family from western Sydney spent seven months in Bezzina in 2008 while mother Ann underwent cancer treatment.”I can’t thank everyone enough for what they’ve done for us and for everyone else,” said a very teary Mrs Black.

Despite Aaron and Daniella’s art deco feature wall and “luxe” bathroom delivering “really heart warming moments” with the judges, their trifecta of eights meant they had a nervous wait to see what the judges scored Andrew and Jono.

Jono looked heartbroken when the judges decided that the brother’s “bland” but “lovely” designs were”not the risky personality that we needed to see” and ended up with only 22 out of 30 against Aaron and Dee’s 24/30.

So Kate and Harry will battle against their besties Aaron and Daniellafor the $200,000 prize to see if the past six months away from their children were worth it.

TheHouse Rules2017 Grand Finale airs on Sunday.