A ray of sunshine for Knights fans | POLL, PHOTOS Scored: Oliver Paddison was delighted to receive Jamie Buhrer’s headgear.

Oliver Paddison with Jamie Buhrer’s headgear.

Jamie Buhrer wearing the headgear.

Jamie Buhrer in action.

TweetFacebook“Even withthe recent poor form, he has remained staunch and so positive. Yesterday he said to me at the end of the game:‘It’s OK they lost. They are learning from their mistakes’.”

If only more supporters were like him,Brearne lamented.

Brearne gavea special thank youto Knights forward Jamie Buhrer.

“At the end of the game, my son was standing in the grandstand at the end of the tunnel. Jamie Buhrer came off the field with headgear in hand,” she said.

“He walked over to my son and handed his headgear to him. My son was stoked.”

Oliver likened thistothe style of Jonathan Thurston, who regularlygiveshis headgearawaytofans.

“I have emailed the Newcastle Knights to say thank you, but thought I would pass this feel-good storyon to you, seeing everything about the Red and Blue at the moment is so negative,” Brearnesaid.

It’s a tough time for Knights fans at the minute.Topics hopes Oliver’s storygives them a little lift. Feel free to send uplifting Knightsstories to [email protected]苏州美甲美睫培训.au.

Knights HistorySpeaking of the Knights, NBN will screen a one-hour documentary,Days of theKnights- Celebrating 30 Years, on Sunday at 2.30pm.

NBN will screen a documentary about the Newcastle Knights on Sunday.

The program will feature Andrew “Joey” Johns, Paul “The Chief”Harragon and otherformerKnightslegends.

The docohas been billed as a “fascinating trip down memory lane” that captures thefootball club’s immense effect on the Huntercommunity.

It’ll show the best tries, tackles and moments from the past 30 seasons. The Knights first joined the top-tier rugby league competitionin 1988.

Topics noted recently that it had been 20 years this year since the Knights won their first grand final.

That was the momentous day inHunterhistory when the Knights beat Manly 22-16, withDarren Albert scoring in the dying moments.

Quite a few punters on Facebook pointed out that this grand final victory occurred when Super League split the competition. As such, they reckoned the 30-24 grand final triumph over Parramatta was more noteworthy.

But a win’s a win, innit.

Wavy WindowWe wrote last week about curiously shaped condensation on the back window of ahome at Belmont South.

Why does this condensation have a wavy shape at the top? We asked an expert.

As readers would know, last week we interviewed Dr Rob Morrison, who co-hosted The Curiosity Show in the ‘70s and ‘80s.

We couldn’t let Rob go without asking him for his thoughts on the window.

“That’s ahard one without being there to inspect,” Rob said.

“It looks pretty obvious that there is something that is either heating up the glass to the point where there is no condensation or else heating up the water vapour in the roomair to the point where it is not cold enough to condense on that clear part of the window.

“That suggests that the corrugations on a nearby section of roof (nearby or the pattern would be larger) may have let the morning sun shine on to the top part of the window, producing a corrugated warm part.”

Other possibilities were an air conditionerwith a gridded vent, blowing warm air in “an evenly spaced series of airflows”, or “some kind of vertical blind”.

He’s still got it, that Dr Rob!

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