June Long Weekend

THIS is our big event of the year and we have over 250 people coming this year.

Matthew Mullane who won the Open Singles last year and was runner up in 1999 is back to defend his title this year.

Also coming is Tom Pereira – coach from Cooma who has just returned from playing the International Satellite Circuit and Sam Fletcher from Nowra who is ranked 3 in the NSW Junior Age Group.

In the Open Ladies we have Nicole Schneider from the ACT who was runner up in 2000 in the Open Singles to Ros Balados.

Nicole has been playing overseas on a scholarship and has won tournaments in Germany.

Also coming is Annabel Stefanchuk, who is very highly rated; Belinda Ewbank from Illawarra and Lana Staunton from Wollongong who won the Shoalhaven Open in April.

The people who lay in the Open Men’s and Ladies events are of a very high standard and well worth coming to watch.

Anyone who likes watching really good tennis should come along and watch the tennis during the weekend and the finals on the Monday will really be well worthwhile watching.

I’m sure they will not be disappointed.

We would like to ask all members to give a couple of hours of their time during the long weekend to help in the canteen, man the barbecue or help with the running of the tournament.

The running of a tournament of this size takes a lot of work but if everyone gives a little of their time it makes it so much easier and helps to make it a great success.

Also donations of soup, cakes and slices would really be appreciated.

Night competition – May 28/30

Division 1: The comp has now finished for Division 1 with the semis to be played on June 12 and d13.

Finals scores are as follow: Colin’s Corgis 60.5, Mark’s Mutts 58.5, Mark’s Mongrels 41, Eric’s Elkhounds 40, Peter’s Pitbulls 38.

It was a shame Monday’s tennis was washed out but Peter’s Pitbulls would have needed a good win over Mark’s Mutts to make the four.

The match between Eric’s Elkhounds and Mark’s Mongrels was 3 sets all with Eric’s Elkhounds just winning by a game or two.

Semis: Colin’s Corgis v Mark’s Mutts; Mark’s Mongrels v Eric’s Elkhounds.

Division 2: With one week t o go there is a battle between three teams for 3rd and 4th position.

Scores: Wayne’s Whales 107, Dave’s Dolphins 85, Keith’s Kelps 80, Ken’s Kippers 80, Julian’s Jewfish 78, Shane’s Sharks 73, Mike’s Mullets 71, Bruce’s Bream 66, Gary’s Guppies 40.

Wayne’s Whales v Shane’s Sharks was washed out.

The other three matches were 5 sets to 3 and 2 of them only had 5 games the difference.

Julian’s Jewfish 5/40 defeated Keith’s Kelps 3/35, Ken’s Kippers 5/38 defeated Mike’s Mullets 3/33, Bruce’s Bream 5/42 defeated Gary’s Guppys 3/29.

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Division 3: With only one week to go it is a real battle between 3 teams for 3rd and 4th spot with only 1 point separating the three teams.

Scores: Dave’s Donkeys 103, David’s Dragons 97, John’s Jackals 90, Brett’s Baboons 89.5, rod’s Reindeer 89, Ashley’s Apes 71, Aaron’s Ardvaaks 60, Guy’s Gorillas 5 2, Brett’s Buffaloes 28.5.

Aaron’s Ardvaaks made a good comeback after being 4 sets to 2 down against David’s Dragons going down badly in the first two mixed but then they won the last two mixed but were down on games.

David’s Dragons 4/38 defeated Aaron’s Ardvaaks 4/31, David’s Dragons 6/44 defeated John’s Jackals 2/34.

This match had great tennis in the mixed sets with John’s Jackals being unlucky to lose 3 mixed 6/5, Rod’s Reindeer 8/48 defeated Brett’s Buffaloes 0/23.

Division 4: With the comp now over Division 4 has a week off before the semi-finals on June 12 and 13.

Scores: John’s Jellyfish 77, Shane’s Sharks 75, John’s Dorys 65, Anthony’s Alligators 60, Alex’s Ants 55, Mark’s Monkeys 44, Tod’s Toads 38.

Anthony’s Alligators 6/40 defeated John’s Dorys 2/21 with the Toads unfortunately having to forfeit 3 sets due to Jodie injuring herself.

John’s Jellyfish 5/39 defeated Shane’s Sharks 3/36.

The Jellyfish were down 2 sets to 1 but then won the next four sets to win the match with the Sharks rallying in the last to win that set.

Semis: John’s Jellyfish v Shane’s Sharks, John’s Dorys v Anthony’s Alligators.

Saturday afternoon tennis: Four out of 6 teams made the semi-finals last Saturday of the EDTA Saturday afternoon comp.

In Division 2, Wayne O’Connell, Bill Talbot, Jean Barker and Nola O’Keefe have gone straight into the grand final after defeating Gerry Morley, Terry Quinlevan, Lorna Jackson and Kay Morley 6/48 to 2/41.

This was a very good match with Bill Talbot having a very hard day, playing 4 tie/break sets and only going down in 1.

Gerry’s team won a men’s and one mixed.

In the other semi-final Julian Hubble, Gordon Allard, Christine Spain and Paula Walker defeated Tomakin 6 sets to 2 so they now play Gerry’s team in the final.

Peter and Monica Paine and Dave and Barbara Johnston also played in Division 3 but have not heard the results.

Ladies Tennis Thursday Competition

Even though the results of Division 2 and Division 3 placings had been decided and only Divisions 1 and 4 were counting most of the teams turned up to play last week in ideal conditions.

The feeling was that everybody was having a relaxed game played in a very friendly way, with a lot of laughter ringing about the courts.

We all wished Doreen a happy birthday and the absent Judy Salmon was wished in writing on the blackboard – hope you both had a good birthday.

Results for Divisions 1 and 4: Division 1: Team 1 -Lyn’s Lillies were defeated by Team 5 – Jenny’s Jacarandas, 2-16 to 4-32; Team 4 – Cherries Camellias def by Team 2 – Therese’s Tulips 2-31 to 4-32.

Games were very close.

Division 4:

Team 1 – Diane’s Dahlias def by Team 5 – Chris’s Carnations 3-22 to 3-30; Team 4 – Jenny’s Jayweeds won over Team 2 – Fran’s Forget Me Nots 5-32 to 1-16.

Division 1 placings:

Team 1 – Lyn’s Lillies, 1st; Team 3 – Val’s Violets, 2nd; Team 5 – Jenny’s Jacarandas, 3rd; Team 2 – Therese’s Tulips, 4th.

Division 4 placings:

Team 4 – Jenny’s Jayweeds, 1st; Team 2 – Fran’s Forget Me Nots, 2nd; Team 1 – Diane’s Dahlias, 3rd; Team 5 – Chris Carnations, 4th.


Team 1 v Team 2 and Team 3 v Team 4.

We would like to see all our players whether playing or not at the complex to cheer your friends on and to give all encouragement to them all.

Good luck to all players and make these finals the ‘friendly games’.

The Merchant of Tennis – Luci Love

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