WEDNESDAY Ladies’ Squash resumes this week after a two week break.

It is hoped everyone kept their fitness up for the last two weeks of comp before the finals begin.

Back on April 4, court 2 had a very hectic day with four players playing their own game plus a sub game.

Nadine Sheehan of Finch’s Ice Creamery winning her match against Cindy Apps of Collins Street 3-1, then subbing for Kathy Fox and defeating Janice Brown 3-2.

Annette Haigh of Finch’s won her match against Kylie D’Arcy 3-2 with the last point being 17-16, then subbed up a line playing for Colleen Lovelock and lost to Jenny Taylor of Collins Street 3-1.

Kylie D’Arcy and Cindy Apps both playing two games going down in both.

In Annette and Kylie’s match, Annette also managed to take Kylie’s undefeated off her.

Andrea Richards of Robb’s Hairworks and Tracey West of Pats Place had a very close match with one long game, seeing Andrea win her first match of the comp, 3-1.

Vicky Hanscombe of Caragher Steel was pushed to the limit by Lisa Newton of Bega Bobcats in their match with Lisa improving with each match she plays. Vicky was stronger in the end and won the match 3-2.

Week 8 saw Jenny Beresford of Bega Bobcats determined to go through undefeated and proved her point by beating Maria Caragher of Pats Place 3-0, subbing for Kelly Parbery.

A new style of short play was seen by Olive Allen of Greg’s Pro Shop and Bev Tarlinton of Robb’s Hairworks, but we won’t invite the juniors to watch!

A great match played by Julie Bass of Finch’s Ice Creamery and Christine Luke of Jewellery For You.

Julie won the match 3-2 (she must have really wanted one of those Caramello Koala’s). Julie was promised Caramello’s if she won, lucky she came through for the team.

Match Results of April 4:

Bega Bobcats defeated Caragher Steel 11-5 : Jenny Beresford 3 def Maria Caragher 1; Lisa Newton 2 lost to Vicky Hanscombe 3; Jane Thelan 3 def Jodi Rood 1; Debbie Hazelgrove 3 def Sue Roche 0.

Robb’s Hairworks def Pats Place 12-3 : Julie Graham 3 def Kelly Parbery 0; Andrea Richards 3 def Tracey West 1; Bev Tarlinton 3 def Trish Westmore 2; Thomasina Fox 3 def Kylie D’Arcy sub 0.

Valley Mist def Rene Claire 11-10 : Katrina Galeano 3 def Tonia Lee 1; Louise Taylor 1 lost to Keri Blacker 3; Tino Arbon 1 lost to Terese Robinson 3; Nadine Sheehan sub 3 def Janice Brown 2; Pam Lawler 3 def Gabrielle Laurie 1.

Finch’s Ice Creamery def Collins St 10-9 : Annette Haigh sub 1 lost to Jenny Taylor 3; Annette Haigh 3 def Kylie D’Arcy 2; Maxine Moon 3 def Cindy Apps sub 0; Nadine Sheehan 3 def Cindy Apps 1; Julie Bass 0 lost to Donna Ruggerio 3.

Match Results of April 11:

Collins Street def Valley Mist Flowers 12-6 : Annette Haigh sub 1 lost to Katrina Galeano 3; Kylie D’Arcy 3 def Louise Taylor 0; Cindy Apps sub 3 def Tino Arbon 0; Cindy Apps 2 lost to Kathy Fox 3; Donna Ruggerio 3 def Pam Lawler 0.

Finch’s Ice Creamery def Jewellery For You 13-6 : Colleen Lovelock 1 lost to Linda Lukins 3; Annette Haigh 3 def Wendy Stokes 1; Maxine Moon 3 def Marie Smith 0; Nadine Sheehan 3 def Suzie Steward 0; Julie Bass 3 def Christine Luke 2.

Robb’s Hairworks def Greg’s Pro Shop 10-5 : Julie Graham 3 def Robyn Koellner 2; Andrea Richards 1 lost to Sharlene Smith 3; Bev Tarlinton 3 def Olive Allen 0; Thomasina Fox 3 def Debbie Lausch 0.

Bega Bobcats def Pats Place 12-2 : Jenny Beresford 3 def Maria Caragher sub 0; Lisa Newton 3 def Bev Tarlinton sub 0; Jane Thelan 3 def Trish Westmore 1; Debbie Hazelgrove 3 def Kylie D’Arcy sub 1.

Draw for Week 9, May 2, is as follows: Robb’s Hairworks v Bega Bobcats; Greg’s Pro Shop v Caragher Steel Fabrication; Finch’s v Valley Mist; Jewellery For You v Rene Claire; Bye teams: Pats Place and Collins Street.

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